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My Name is sandip wankhade the founder of “”.

I am bachelor in arts but writing my passion. I am doing blogging from 2020.


Let’s first talk about who I am and why you should follow me and my website. 


Well, I already explained about me, but I know it is not more information to trust on me.

I am giving more information about me.

Here is my journey with blogging and social community. 

 I have established to self on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and sharechat for success to website. 


• Facebook

 My account on Facebook is by the name sandip wankhade. Here I share my website post with my friends. Not only that, I made a page on Facebook, which name is Interesting Hindi by this page I promote to my website. 


• Twitter

Twitter, I have best platform for promote to my website. Here you can see. My Twitter users name is Take a look at sandip wankhade (@sandipWan1):


• Linkdin

I keep too activ on linkdin. Here also I am trying to generate traffic for my website. Here you can see to me


• Sharechat

Also on sharechat my account is by the name of sandip.


• Pinterest

My one account is on the Pinterest. This is also help me to promote my website. I did one business page also create in Pinterest.


What kind of information will you receive on my blog ?


• Case Study

Person, Place, Company, Products and country etc.


• About Mystery

Culture, Art, Temple, Person, Space, Geography, Place etc.


• History and culture

This could feature articles on Indian history, culture, and traditions. It could also cover topics related to world history and how it has influenced India. Interesting Educational related topics & Knowledge Topics


• Crime Story

Criminal Person Biography, Popular Crime Topic etc.


• Interesting News

Any Interesting News topics.


• Top Facts

Any Topic :- Top 20, Top 10, Top 50 etc.


• Religious Topic

Festival, Place, Book, Work, Ritual etc.


• Economic Topic

Interesting Educational & Knowledge Topic


• Society and Politics)

This could feature articles on social issues, politics, and governance in India and around the world. Political Events & educational related topics.


• Science and Technology

This could include articles on the latest scientific advancements, technological innovations, and their impact on society. Technology related topics for education and knowledge purpose.

• Environment and Ecology

This could feature articles on Environment and Sustainable, Development, ecology, Biodiversity, green house effect and climate change, ozone layer depletion, forest and wildlife, Sanctuary / Biosphere Reserve, alternative energy, pollution, water conservation, various types topic.

• Geography

This could feature articles on Mountain, continent, country, city, river, sea, lake, dam, middle, valley, adhitika, forest etc.

• Hindi literature

The website could cover topics related to Hindi literature, including famous authors, books, and poems in Hindi.

• Hindi literature

The website could cover topics related to Hindi literature, including famous authors, books, and poems in Hindi.

• Bollywood

Bollywood movies are a significant part of Hindi culture, and the website could cover the latest news, movie reviews, and interviews with actors and directors.

• Hindi language

The website could provide resources and articles on Hindi grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

• Travel in India

The website could provide information on popular tourist destinations in Hindi-speaking regions of India, along with tips for travelers.

• Food and cuisine

Indian cuisine is diverse and flavorful, and the website could cover popular dishes, recipes, and food trends in Hindi-speaking regions.

• Music and dance

Hindi music and dance are an integral part of Indian culture, and the website could cover the latest music and dance trends, along with profiles of popular artists.

• Religion and spirituality

India is a land of diverse religions, and the website could explore the various spiritual traditions, practices, and beliefs in Hindi-speaking regions.

• Fashion and beauty

The website could cover the latest fashion trends and beauty tips for women and men in Hindi-speaking regions of India.

• Sports

India has a growing sports culture, and the website could cover the latest news and updates on cricket, kabaddi, hockey, and other popular sports in Hindi-speaking regions.

• Space and Universe

This could feature articles on the latest space missions, astronomy, and the mysteries of the universe.

• Music and Arts

This could feature articles on classical and contemporary music, Indian classical dance forms, paintings, and other forms of art.

• Health and Lifestyle

This could feature articles on health tips, fitness routines, healthy recipes, and lifestyle trends.

I have a solid base and data to tell you what works well and what not.


If you agree with my information you can follow my website.


Your friend,

Sandip Wankhade,

The founder of,

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